The Sights and Sounds of Christmas on Broadway took place at the Beacon Theater in New York City. Featuring a powerful time of worship, special performances from various Christian artists, and a  message from Dr. David Jeremiah, this is one Christmas event that you won’t want to miss.

A huge thanks to our awesome team!


Venue/City:The Beacon Theatre / New York City, NY
Client: Turning Point Ministries
Television Production Director: Jeff Larson
Production Management Company: Majestic Productions
Production Manager: Ryan Bates
Production Lighting Company: Majestic Productions
Lighting Designer/Director: Paul Green
Lighting Techs: Derek Seal, John “Kooz” Cousineau
Video Production Company: Majestic Productions
Video Techs: Christian Hahn, Jonathan Wuthrich
Video Content/Lyrics Op: Robbie Tullock
LED Production Company: Streamline Pictures
Camera Production Company: Turning Point Ministries, Streamline Pictures
Video Director: Troy Dausend
Camera Ops: Bob Agnew, Cathy Dausend, Joey Davis, Michael Fritz, Jonathan Crandall
Truck EIC: Rob Devlin
Audio Production Company: Spectrum Sound Inc
FOH Engineer: JB Bowling
Monitor Engineer: Dave Hagar
Audio Tech: Jeremy Seawell, Bobby George, Ken Porter, Sam Kerstette
Backline Company: RAM Production
Backline Techs: Roger Miller
Stage Manager: Kevin Lee
Run of Show Producer: Brian Pirkle, Ryan Richards
Labor and Rigging Company: IATSE Local #1, Teamsters

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