Below are items from our inventory that are available to rent for your next event. If you are looking for anything special, but do not see it listed, please call and ask. Because we are continually adding to our inventory to support our clients needs,  this list is continually changing.


HES Hog 4 Console
HES HedgeHog 4X
grandMA3 Full-Size
grandMA2 Full-Size
grandMA2 Light
HES Playback Wing 4
HES Hog III Expansion Wing
HES Hog III Mini Wing
Avo Diamond Vision
Martin M1 Controller
Martin M2Go Controller
ETC Express 48/96
ETC Smartfade 24/96
Leprecon 1548
MA 8 Port Node

ETC Sensor 96×2.4kW Dimmer Rack
ETC Sensor 48×2.4kW Dimmer Rack
ETC Sensor 24×2.4kW Dimmer Rack
ETC Sensor 12×2.4kW Dimmer Rack
ETC Sensor 3x12KW Dimmer Racks
Leprecon 4 Channel Dimmer
Leprecon 6 Channel Dimmer
Motion Labs Custom Power Distros
Rose Brand Black Encore Velour of Various Sizes
Rose Brand Pewter Encore Velour of Various Sizes
Rose Brand Kaos Heavy Black Drop
Rose Brand Embossed Crystal Drape
Bleached White Muslin
Black Sharkstooth Scrim
White Polysheen Drape
White Sharkstooth Scrim
Spandex Soft Good
White Spandex Triangle
Fibre Optic Curtain
Atomic Bublé Swag
American Flag 10′ x 19′
HES Catalyst v4 Pro
Panasonic TH42PHD8UK 42″ Plasma TV
Panasonic TH42PH20U 42″ Plasma TV
Panasonic TH50PHD8UK 50″ Plasma TV
Panasonic TH58PF12UK 58” Plasma TV
Sharp 70″ LED TV
Sharp 80″ LED TV
Vizio 42″ LCD HD TV
Various Plasma Stands
Barco ScreenPRO-II HD
Barco ScreenPRO-II Controller
Barco MatrixPRO 12×8 RGBHV
Barco MatrixPRO 8×8 DVI
Barco MatrixPRO 8×8 HD/SDI Router
Barco ImagePRO HD
Barco ImagePRO-II
Blackmagic 16×32 HD/SDI Router
Blackmagic Analog to SDI Converter
Blackmagic SDI to Analog Converter
Blackmagic Videohub Smart Control
Kramer 1×3 Comp/RGBHV DA
Kramer 1×4 Comp/RGBHV DA
Kramer 1×5 Comp/RGBHV DA
Kramer VGA to Composite Scaler
Gefen 1×4 HD/SDI DA
Gefen USB to DVI-I (2048 x 1152)
Gefen VGA DA 1×4
TV1 1×2 DVI HDCP Distribution Amp
TV1 Quad 4” Rackmount LCD Monitor
TV1 C2-7200 Switcher
Evertz 12 Inputs MultiViewer
Evertz 64×96 Router
Marshall SDI to Composite/S-Video
DVI to VGA Digital/Analog Signal Converter
Matrix TripleHead2Go (Digital)
Panasonic AW-HS50 Live Switcher
Yellobrik 3Gbit SDI to HDMI Converter
Clear-Com Tempest Wireless Rack
Clear-Com 4 Channel Main Station
Clear-Com 4 Channel Remote Station
Clear-Com RS-501 Std. 1-Ch. Beltpack
Clear-Com RS-502 2 Ch. Beltpack
Clear-Com Single & Double Muff Headset
Beyer Single Muff Headset
Sennheiser Single Muff Headset
Clear-Com RTS Interface
Telex BP-1000 1 Channel Beltpack
Telex Single & Double Muff Headset
Telex-to-Clear Com Converters
Martin MAC Axiom Hybrid
Martin MAC Aura
Martin MAC Encore Performance CLD
Martin MAC Quantum Wash
Martin MAC Quantum Profile
Martin MAC Viper Profiles
Martin MAC Viper Performance
Martin MAC III Profile
Martin MAC III Performance
Martin MAC 101
Martin MAC 250 Wash
Martin MAC 250 Entour
Martin MAC 301 Wash
Martin MAC 2000 Profile
Martin MAC 2000 Performance
Martin MAC 2000 Wash
Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extreme
GLP Impression X4 Bar 20
Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe
Martin RUSH PAR2 RGBW Zoom
Martin Stagebar 54S
Martin QFX-150 (Fibre Source)
HES Data Flash AF-1000
Coemar ParLite LED
Chromlech Jarag Line
Pixel Par Pixel Pup 87
Thomas Par 64 Fixtures & Lamp Bars (black & silver)
Thomas Par 64 ACL Bars (black)
Thomas Par 64 Floor Cans w/ Stands
Thomas 8-Light Unit
Thomas 4-Light Unit
TMB 2-Lite
Thomas Par 36 Fixture
ETC Source Four Leko (Various Beam Angles)
ETC Source Four Par Fixture
ETC Source Four Zoom
Mole-Richardson 10k Baby Tener
Mole-Richardson 5k Baby Senior
Mole-Richardson 2k Baby Junior
Mole-Richardson 1k Baby-Baby
Mole-Richardson 2k Baby “Zip” Softlite
Mole-Richardson 200W Midget
Mole-Richardson 6-Light Molefay
Arri 2k Studio Fresnel 10″
Arri 2k Baby Studio Fresnel 7″
6′ Altman Zip Strip
Quartzcolor Iris 1 Single-Cell Cyc
Lee Colortran 3 Cell Cyc
Lee Colortran 1 Cell Cyc
Lycian Super Arc 1267
Lycian Starklite 1271
Wildfire Blacklight
100′ Italian Stringer Light
48′ Italian Stringer Light
Rosco I-Cue
Chroma Q Color Changer
MDG HO Atmosphere Hazer w/DMX Interface
MDG Ice Fog Compack HP Unit
Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II
DF-50 Diffusion Hazer
Hazebase Base Hazer
MagnumPro 2000 Fog Machine w/DMX Control
Martin Glaciator Xstream
Chauvet Geyser RGB
CITC Hurricane Fan
22″ Mirror Ball
Coffing 1-Ton Motor (3 Phase)
CM Lodestar 1-Ton Motor (3 Phase)
CM Lodestar 1/2-Ton Motor (3 Phase)
CM Lodestar 1/2-Ton Motor (1 Phase)
CM Lodestar 1/2-Ton Motor (32FPM)
CM Lodestar 1/4-Ton Motor (3 Phase)
CM Lodestar 1/4-Ton Motor (1 Phase)
CM Lodestar 300# Motor (110 Volt)
Motion Labs 8-Channel Motor Controller
Motion Labs 12-Channel Motor Controller
Motion Labs 24-Channel Motor Controller
Thomas 12″ 4-Way Corner Block (12″, 20.5″)
Thomas 12″ 6-Way Corner Block
Thomas Articulating Corner Block (12″, 20.5″)
Thomas Hinge Plate (12″, 20.5″, PRT)
Thomas 20.5″ Box Truss (Black & Silver) (6’3″, 8′, 10′)
Thomas 12″ Box Truss (5′, 8′, 10′)
Thomas Pre Rig Truss (7’7″)
Thomas Corner Block (12″, 20.5″, PRT)
Tyler 12″ 4-Way Corner Block
Tyler 12″ 6-Way Corner Block
Tyler 12″ Hinge Plate
Tyler 12″ Box Truss (4′, 5′, 8′, 10′)
Tyler GT 8′ x 24″ x 14″ (Black)
Tyler GT 10′ x 24″ x 14″ (Black)
Tyler GT 4-Way Corner Block (Black)
Thomas Circle Truss (20.5″ x 20.5″ x 32′)
Thomas Circle Truss (20.5″ x 20.5″ x 24′)
Thomas Circle Truss (12″ x 12″ x 16′)
Thomas Circle Truss (12″ x 12″ x 12′)
Thomas Circle Truss (12″ x 12″ x 8′)
Thomas Truss Lift Point (12″, 20″)
Thomas Universal Spot Chair
Genie Super Towers ST-25
Genie Manlifts AWP-255