Delete a barcode from a job

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Once you have logged in, follow the steps below to delete a barcode from a job.

Delete a barcode from a job

Deleting a barcode from a job is different than in previous software. In order to “delete” a barcode, you will check in the barcode of the item.

  1. Navigate to the Home screen. Underneath the “Quick Tasks” box, there is a tab labeled “Check In”. Click on the “Check In” tab.
  2. Enter the order number of the order your are wanting to delete a serialized item to and press enter. Once you have successfully entered the order number, you will see the items in the order displayed in the line item view below the “Order Number” field.
  3. To delete the item, click in the “Barcode” field. Type the barcode for the item and press enter on the keyboard. Note: There is not an enter button of the screen, you must use your keyboard.

Note: Checking in a single item will NOT affect the quantity of the item on the order.

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