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Maintenance records are handled differently in RentalTracker than in previous software. In RentalTracker, a maintenance record is an order with the order type set to “Service”. The customer for the order needs to be “Majestic Productions”. In addition, the service details should be entered in the notes section of the order, not the item.

Once you have logged in, please follow the steps below to create a maintenance record.

Creating the maintenance order

  1. Navigate to the home screen. In the Quick Tasks box, click on “Add Order”. This will open the screen to create a new order.
  2. From the drop down menu for type, select Service. It is very important you set the type to Service.
  3. Click the “Click to select” button next to Customer. You can search for Majestic Productions or you can scroll down to find Majestic Productions. The customers are listed in alphabetical order. Once you have located Majestic Productions, click on the name. This will select the customer. You will return to the previous screen and notice the customer has been changed to “Majestic Productions”.
  4. You will need to set dates to reserve the gear. For start date, enter today’s date. You can click the box for Service Start and a calendar button will appear with a calendar picker or you can type the date in MM/DD/YYYY format. For service end date, enter the December 31 of the current year. If the current date is past November 1, please use December 31 of the following year as the service end date.
  5. The next field you will be directed to is the Status field. Please select Reserved. For a complete list of order status definitions, click here.
  6. You now need to add the item that is being serviced to the service order. In the “Items” tab below the “General” section, click on the green plus (+) symbol. This will open a window where you can add the item. Note: Please add only one piece of barcoded gear per service order.
  7. Select the “Designation” and “Type” for the item you are entering. After your selections have been made, you will see a scrolling window containing the gear in that designation and type. Scroll to find the piece of gear you are after. In the “Qty” section, click in the box on the line item you wish to add to the service order and enter the quantity, “1”. Note: Do not click on any other line items. The line item will highlight blue and will be added to the job with a quantity of 0. If this happens, please view “Delete a line item from service orders” below.
  8. After your item has a quantity of 1, click on “Add Item” in the upper right of the pop up window. This will add the item to the job.
  9. Navigate to the “Notes” tab under the scheduling information and enter the problem description, the date and time, and your initials in the “Internal Notes” section. See “Amending the maintenance order” below for an example.
  10. Please note the order number as you will need it to check out the item to the job.

Check out the item to the maintenance order

After the maintenance order is created, the item needs to be checked out to the maintenance order. Follow the steps below to check out the item to the service order.

  1. Navigate to the home screen. Click on the “Check Out” tab.
  2. Enter the order number of the service order you created. This will pull up the item on the service order.
  3. Click in the “Barcode” field and type the barcode for the item going into service.
  4. Once the item is successfully checked out, the check mark will appear green.
  5. Please navigate back to the service order in the “Orders” tab and confirm the status is Out.

Amending the maintenance order

Once service has begun on the item, please notate what services are being performed in the item in the “Notes” tab and inside “Internal Notes” section on the order. Please include the following information in each entry. Note: A new entry is not created each time you need to amend the notes – you will type in the same box and hit enter return on the keyboard to move to a new line.

Example entry:

Fixture will not power on. Believed to be a bad power supply.

8/6/2020 2:30PM BA


Completing and closing the maintenance order

Once service is complete on an item, please notate what services are being performed in the item in the “Notes” tab and inside “Internal Notes” section on the order. After the services performed have been notated, you can return to the home screen to check the item in.

  1. On the home screen, click the “Check In” tab.
  2. Enter the service order number to pull up the item on the order.
  3. Click on the button labeled “Check in all”. This will check the item back in and return it to an available status. Check in is complete when the check mark next to the item is green.
  4. Navigate back to the order and confirm the status is Returned. If it is not, please change the status to Returned.
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