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Launch iPod Touch Scanner

To startup the iPod Touch scanner, follow the instructions below.

  1. If the iPod is not already on, power on the iPod touch by holding the lock button until the Apple logo appears.
  2. Open FileMaker Go on the iPod (located in the dock; app icon is teal with a folder on it).
  3. Tap on “MPI-FileMaker-Server” and then click on “MajesticRT”.
  4. You will be prompted for your login information. You may use the Warehouse login.
  5. The scanner will open and the program will launch.
  6. Turn on the scanner by pressing and holding the button on the side next to the volume controls until you hear a beep. You will hear another beep once the scanner has connected to the iPod. Note: If the scanner does not connect, check that Bluetooth is turned on in the Settings of the iPod.

Check out items to an order

  1. Tap in the “Order Number” field and type the order number for the order you wish to scan items to.
  2. Click in the “Scan Barcode” field and you can begin scanning the barcodes.
  3. When you successfully scan a barcode, the scanner will vibrate and you will hear a beep. The system will check for the barcode you scanned and return an error message or will check the item out to the order.
  4. If you receive an error, follow the prompts presented to you.

Note: Final check out of a job must be done on a desktop version of FileMaker.

Powering the scanner off

To turn the barcode scanner off, first turn off the scanner itself by holding the button next to volume button on the iPod until you hear a beep. You may then turn the iPod off and return the device to the charging station.

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