Leadercast 2016

Atlanta, GA

Leadercast 2016

Leadercast Live is the largest one-day leadership event in the world. Broadcast live each year from Atlanta to 100,000+ people in hundreds of locations around the world, Leadercast Live Brings together many of the world’s most recognized and respected global leaders to create a leadership experience unlike any other.

2016’s theme for Leadercast was Architects of Tomorrow. Speakers such as Andy Stanley, Rorke Denver, Seth Godin, Steve Wosniak helped lead the way.  This year the production was designed heavily around the video design to have a creative and new look behind each speaker.

Majestic partnered with a large team to bring this event to life. It has been an honor to production manage this event over the last 6 years. Our biggest partner is of course Leadercast and their team, especially Kevin Lee, their production director.


Venue/City: Infinite Energy Center / Atlanta (Duluth), GA
Client: GiANT Impact
Production Director: Kevin Lee
Production Management Company: Majestic Productions
Production Manager: Ryan Bates
Production Designer/Technical Director: Christian Hahn
Production Lighting Company: Majestic Productions
Lighting Designer: Paul Green/Christian Hahn
Lighting Director: Paul Green
Lighting Techs: Derek Seal, Kyle Bates, Ryan Woolsey, Ross Phillips
Video Production Company: Majestic Productions
LED/Media Server Operator: Nick Rivero
MiSTRIP & Video Technician: Matt Outlaw, Quinn Adamson
LED Production Company: Streamline Pictures
LED Techs: Joey Davis, Jonathan Crandall, Joe Henson, Preston Puryear,
Spencer Blackmore, Katie Blackmore, Robbie Tullock, Michael Fritz
MiSTRIP & Video Technician: Matt Outlaw, Quinn Adamson
Video Content Op: Drew Kimball
Lower Thirds Op: Lauren Coleman
Camera Production Company: TNDV
Video Director: Nic Dugger
COMM Tech: Rob Devlin
Shader: Melody Carson
Truck A1/Mix: Matt Mitchell
Truck TD: Robert Pace
Truck EIC: Chris Payne
Truck A2/Assistant: Charlie Sheets
Camera Ops: Jonathan Crandall, Preston Puryear, Spencer Blackmore,
Katie Blackmore, Michael Fritz, Chris Conway (Jib),
Zach Cagle (Dolly), Lester Dragstedt (Dolly Asst.)
Audio Production Company: Spectrum Sound Inc
FOH Engineer: JB Bowling
Monitor Engineer: Dave Hagar
Audio Systems Tech: Curtis Flatt
Audio Tech: Brenton Jones, Nathan Tse
Broadcast Engineer: Jonathan Reich
Broadcast Asst: Jason Bunzey
Backline Company: RAM Production
Backline Techs: Josh McPhearson
Staging Company: Accurate Staging
Staging Tech: Zach Hinkle, Teddy Comeford
Stage Manager: Patrick McEwen, Brian Cole, Ryan Woolsey, James Vore
Producer: Duran Willis, Erin Ward
Tele Prompter Op: Kristen Ingmire
Broadcast Lead: Constance Chatfield-Taylor
Labor and Rigging Company: RPM Atlanta

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